The Jesus Dare

In The Jesus Dare, bestselling author Jay Payleitner explores the claims and promises Jesus made and invites readers to discover the truth for themselves in this easy-to-read book.

Simply stated . . . we’re all in this together.  And we need to come to the big questions of life with curiosity, respect, logic, and an open mind. But not so open that your brains fall out.

If you are a free thinker, rebel, seeker, questioner, or prodigal you have come to the right place.


What if there is a God who loves you and has great plans for your life? You don’t want to miss that! 

So don’t give in to the naysayers. You are lovable. You can come as you are. There’s no reason to be intimidated by the Bible. Don’t let anyone else make this decision for you. How you respond to this dare is too important.  

And, if you have a friend or loved one who is on the outside looking in, this may be the resource you’ve been looking for.

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Leave it to one of my favorite thinkers to issue         the ultimate challenge for our day. Jay’s dare            is no trivial diversion. 

Jerry Jenkins, Author of more than 170 published works including the megaselling Left Behind series

Best Selling Author & National Speaker

Jay Payleitner

Prior to becoming a best-selling author and national speaker, Jay Payleitner served as freelance radio producer for a wide range of movements and ministry leaders including Josh McDowell, Chuck Colson, The Salvation Army, Bible League, Voice of the Martyrs, and National Center for Fathering.

As a family advocate, life pundit, and humorist, Jay has sold more than half-million books including 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad, Love Notes from God, and What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?.

As a national speaker, Jay engages audiences at men’s events, marriage retreats, fundraisers, writers’ conferences, and creative training sessions. He has spoken at Moody Bible Institute’s Pastors Conference and Iron Sharpens Iron conferences in more than ten states. Jay also served as Executive Director of the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative.

Jay’s books have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Afrikaans, Indonesian, Slovenian, Polish, and Russian. He has been a guest multiple times on the Harvest Show, 100 Huntley Street, and Focus on the Family.

Jay and his high school sweetheart, Rita, live in the Chicago area where they raised five awesome kids, loved on ten foster babies, and are cherishing grandparenthood. There’s much more at jaypayleitner.com.

Published Books

Happy Readers


Many think Jesus came to make us nicer people. Jay Payleitner reveals the awful, wonderful truth. God wants to do something infinitely deeper than make you nice. Take the challenge.

Chris Fabry, Author and Host of Chris Fabry live

The Jesus Dare Podcast

In just seven episodes, this podcast – based on the book from best-selling author Jay Payleitner – will help you answer that question we all ask: “What if Jesus is who He says He is?” It’s time to get real. Find your purpose. Know freedom. Experience unconditional love. This just might be the adventure you’re been waiting for. Don’t let anyone else make this decision for you. It’s too important. Be warned . . . the last episode challenges you to take “The Jesus Dare”.


Jay has a winsome way of thoughtfully pulling        back the curtain of Christianity to explain               the simple fundamentals of what it really means       to believe in Jesus. 



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